Tuesday, July 7

Pause. For Awhile.

Forgive me for writing personal stuff once in awhile. And this is one of those "personal stuff" that pops up every now and then.

It caught me off guard. I was too self-absorbed I did not notice.

Pardon me for overstaying your kindness. And for making you feel manipulated. And also for pushing you to the wall. I am at fault. It's not my upbringing or past experiences. I have been busy pursuing goals and killing enemies that I forgot to be a friend. Its always been "me". Me, that matters. Me that should be the priority. "Me", for everything that surrounds me.

Of course I care. Always cared about you. I just don't show it.

Don't worry, I'll get out of your way for now. It seems that I have been ruining most of your days.

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