Monday, July 20

Carbon Footprint and Getting Green

One of the subjects taught during my undergraduate studies is environmental engineering. One of the lessons I learned is that resources is important to keep a manufacturing running. It is actually a common sense. You preserve the environment because you are not living for just for today; there is the future to consider.

The first thing that came to mind since getting green became one of the things I want to include in my daily existence is the so-talked about carbon footprint. I have searched the net to understand it. Technically, I found the meaning of carbon footprint. In fact, I was able to read some articles that subjected some known celebrities who are great contributors of carbon and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to ridicule. It was a surprise that mere transportation in the air (airplane) contributes to the greenhouse gases that eventually results to climate change. I wonder if they were told why they were on the top contributors before they were accused. I tried to read more and finally came across the Kyoto Protocol. I was able to read few pages but I definitely have to stop. My search for a greener environment is not just reading articles and knowing the technical aspects. I am looking for something that will have tangible results. But for those who are interested to be educated on the protocols and other technical know how on carbon footprint, click here.

I, however, prefers to go and find something that will have more tangible product or process. So my current reading project (despite the reading materials assigned in school) is focused on the EPA website. One of the thing that interested me most is the Energy Star.

I know that it somehow helps in the environment but never occurred to me how big is the contribution. A blog is dedicated for this, and you can find there good topics that can help in your budget as well. It's not just doing the right thing, the website also provide information on energy conservation (that somehow can a gain in the budget) as well.

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prajyot said...

well getting green is such a tedious task now...this world is really in danger