Monday, March 7

Gadgets Frenzy: Functional or Trendy?

Now that the iPad 2 was finally launched, I wonder what would be the next product in line.

I have not bought any iPads nor any of their other product lines. But I did plan and saved up to buy an iPod touch before they offered the 4th Gen. However, with the new gen being so much like the computer and too expensive I have to change my mind. Not because I can't afford it but because there are other things that can make me happy sans the spending of Php 16,900 {online local reseller price} savings. I have to do some gadget inventory and here is what I got:

  • Motorola Q8 - a smartphone that i had for years
  • Sony Erickson P990i - another PDA phone with a very good camera

I recently switched from my Moto Q to the SE P990i because the former has been having some problems because of memory issues. The SE P990i connects well with WiFi, easy to use when typing, great camera to boot and the only con that I can find is too bulky.

I am using it as a qwerty, the flip pad was removed to make it less bulky {photo from here}

It has the office applications you can find on PDAs and if only I still read books when traveling, the screen is big enough for reading. However, will all the gadgets that we have at home and the busy schedules that take up most of our "me time" we have to squeeze in a "silent time" somewhere. And riding home is one of those time that I can do some relaxing without people talking to me or asking me about work.

If you give it some hard thinking, a gadget like iPad 2 and the iPod touch {the only gadget of Apple that I ever wanted to buy} is something that people  buy because of its portability. And since portability is something that you need when you are on the run and do not have time to sit down at your office or at your home, these  gadgets is a must. However, I no longer do that. I slowed down a bit after last year with all the activities that almost put me into burn out mode.

And another thing, I recently changed my schedule at home. We turn off the lights at around 8pm and sleep before 10pm. It means a lot when we do that because we feel relaxed and well rested the next day.

I have to admit though that we use to be gadget crazy too. We bought a Wii and an LCD TV few years ago just because it is the new thing. But with the heavy schedule and less sleeping time, we only use them occasionally.

Are you gadget crazy too?

(photo credits here and here )

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